Saturday, 9th May 2020
3.30 pm
Chipping Campden School Hall
£8 Free to full-time students

Doors open 3pm for TOKE’S Coffee Bar

Geoffrey Robertson in conversation with Caroline Stanford addresses the biggest question in the world of art and culture: ‘Elgin’s Loot and the Case for Returning Plundered Treasure’. In delving into the crucial debate over the Elgin Marbles, Geoffrey also offers a system for the return of cultural property based on human rights law principles that are being developed by the courts, and he examines how the past can be experienced by everyone, as well as by the people of the country from which it originates.

‘Elgin’s heist prevents the modern world from appreciating this ancient wonder – created by the same people who gave us democracy, philosophy and (best of all) comedy. Other cultural crimes must also be redressed, and in this important book Geoffrey Robertson shows why, and how.’ Stephen Fry

‘This is a powerful cry for justice – it deserves a response.’ Amal Clooney

Geoffrey Robertson QC is founder and head of Doughty Street Chambers, the UK’s leading human rights legal practice. His books include Crimes Against Humanity (a textbook on the development of human rights law); The Tyrannicide Brief (the story of how Cromwell’s lawyers mounted the trial of Charles I); an acclaimed memoir, The Justice Game; Mullahs without Mercy; Stephen Ward Was Innocent, OK; and Rather His Own Man. In 2011, he received the Award for Distinction in International Law and Affairs from the New York State Bar Association.

Caroline Stanford  has been Historian for the Landmark Trust since 2001. She has spent a lifetime thinking about history, and the last two decades interpreting its physical remains and thinking about how best preserve and present them to the general public. A particular current interest is the 18th-century Grand Tour, and the dissemination and reproduction of sculpture in Britain during the period. She is co-author of Landmark: A History of Britain in 50 Buildings.

This afternoon’s events are sponsored by Cotswold House Hotel and Spa

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