Friday, 11th May 2018
St James’ Church
£7 Free to full-time students

Post-talk refreshments in aid of Church funds

Where do we go when we die? Or is there nowhere to go? Is death something we can do or is it just something that happens to us?
Richard Holloway is back by popular demand after his 2017 talk on his highly regarded book A Little History of Religion. This year he presents a positive, meditative and profound exploration of the many important lessons we can learn from death: facing up to the limitations of our bodies as they falter, reflecting on our failings, and forgiving ourselves and others. An invitation to reconsider life’s greatest mystery by one of the most important and beloved religious leaders of our time.
Richard Holloway now in his ninth decade has spent a lifetime at the bedsides of the dying, guiding countless men and women towards peaceful deaths. He was Bishop of Edinburgh from 1986 and from 1992 Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church. He resigned both positions in 2000. He is well known for his support of progressive causes. He has reviewed for many publications including The Times, The Guardian, Sunday Herald, and The Scotsman. His more than twenty books include the best selling Leaving Alexandria: A Memoir of Faith and Doubt. He is a frequent presenter on Radio and Television.

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