Thursday, 7th May 2015
The Baptist Church
£12 to include WI interval tea and cake

Lee Jackson’s illustrated guide through the underbelly of the Victorian metropolis: the people who struggled to stem a rising tide of pollution and dirt, and the forces that opposed them.

Lee Jackson, editor of A Dictionary of Victorian London (2006), author of Walking Dickens’ London (2012) and of seven historical crime novels including the Inspector Webb series, is also the creator of the pre-eminent website on Victorian London
With over 11,000 followers, he has ‘a shameless addiction to twitter’ ‘Rich in wonderful contemporary details’ The Guardian


Jules Pretty’s illustrated account of people living close to the land and close to the edge from which emerges a larger story about sustainability and the future of the planet. Journey with Jules among Māori people along the coasts of the Pacific; into the mountains of China; across deserts of Australia; with nomads in southern Siberia; amid the wildlife-rich inland swamps of southern Africa; among ice fishermen in Finland; to small farms of the Amish; to the deep South swamps of the Cajuns; and to the deserts of California.

Jules Pretty OBE is Professor of Environment and Society at the University of Essex. As a Fellow of the Society of Biology and the RSA, he has served on advisory committees for numerous government departments. His experiences of growing up on the edge of the Sahel in Nigeria until he was six, and then ‘running free-range as a kid’ in Suffolk, nurtured his interest in nature and the environment.
His previous books include This Luminous Coast (2011) and The Earth Only Endures (2007).
Of his writing Times Higher Education states: ‘if we let it do its work, we will be subtly changed.’
With thanks to the Baptist Church

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