Thursday, 11th May 2017
Upper Room Town Hall

…fourteen, and shown a photo of the man chosen to be her husband…
Sue Cook interviews Jasvinder Sanghera on her international best selling story of her struggle as a young girl to escape from a cruel and claustrophobic world where family honour mattered more than anything – sometimes more than life itself.
‘A success story to inspire anyone’ Time Magazine
‘An inspiring book, not least because of it’s honesty’ The Sunday Times
Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, Honorary Doctor of the University of Derby, Woman Of The Year 2007, The Pride of Britain Award 2009, Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman of the Year 2010, The Guardian top 100 Most Inspirational Women in the World 2011, and Legal Campaigner of the Year 2014, was born and brought up in Derby. She is the founder of Karma Nirvana, a national award winning charity that supports both men and women affected by honour based abuse and forced marriages. An expert advisor to the courts, Jasvinder’s work is recognised as being pivotal to the creation
of a specific UK forced marriage criminal offence in 2014.
Sue Cook is well known as a BBC presenter of the 1980s and 90s – Nationwide, Breakfast Time, Crimewatch and Children in Need on TV; You and Yours and Making History on Radio 4. Her books include the novels On Dangerous Ground and Force of Nature, and she is writing a third novel.

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