Thursday, 5th May 2016
Upper Room Town Hall

Anna Pavord’s part history, part travel book celebrates landscape from the rolling hills of Dorset to the sublime peaks of the Scottish Highlands, exploring the different ways in which painters, writers and agricultural improvers have, through the ages, responded to the land. “… beautifully written book.” The Sunday Times
Anna Pavord journalist, gardener and author has written a column for the Independent ever since its launch in 1986. She writes and presents programmes for BBC Radio 3 and 4 and has served for ten years on the Gardens Panel of the National Trust, the last five as Chairman. For the last thirty years she has lived in Dorset. Her books include The Tulip “Written by a scholar, reads like a thriller.” The Telegraph, The Naming of Names, and The Curious Gardener.


clf_beast_300Charles Foster brings together neuroscience, psychology, naturalism and memoir to describe how he lived as a badger for six weeks, sleeping in a dirt hole and eating earthworms; and spent hours in a back garden in East London, rooting in bins like an urban fox. “… funny and profound … could inspire all kinds of positive action to save our planet.” The Guardian
Charles Foster, Fellow of Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford, is a qualified vet, teaches medical law and ethics, and is a practising barrister. He has run a 150-mile race in the Sahara, skied to the North Pole, and “bled in many beautiful and desolate landscapes.” He has written on subjects including travel, evolutionary biology, natural history, anthropology and philosophy.

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