Wednesday, 6th May 2020
2.00 pm
Montrose Suite, Cotswold House Hotel

Peter Fiennes, who wowed our audience in 2018 with Oak Ash and Thorn (a 2018 Guardian Best Nature Book of the Year), invites us to join him as he follows in the footsteps of twelve inspirational writers: he begins in Dorset, shaped by the childhood visions of Enid Blyton, and ends with Charles Dickens on the train that took him to his final resting place in Westminster Abbey. From the wilds of Skye and Snowdon, to a big night out in Birmingham with J. B. Priestley and Beryl Bainbridge, Footnotes is a lyrical foray into the past, and a quest to understand Britain through the books, journals and diaries of some of our greatest writers. As Peter travels the country, and roams across the centuries, he wonders: Who are we? What do we want? He said in 2019, ‘They seemed like good questions to ask, in the company of some of our greatest writers, given these restless times.’

‘beautifully written, moving in its reflections, and often very funny.’ Tom Holland

‘marvellously quotable literary journey’ Financial Times

Peter Fiennes as a publisher for Time Out published their city guides as well as books about London Trees and Britain’s countryside and seaside. He is also author of To War With God.

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