Saturday, 9th May 2020
12.00 noon
Chipping Campden School Hall
£10 Free to full-time students

Doors open 11.30am for TOKE’S Coffee Bar

NB TOKE’S Coffee Bar is only open between each event. The doors to the school hall are closed while events are in progress and there is no admission to hall or Pop-up Coffee Bar until the event ends.

A morning for ages from seven up:

Emily Grossman uncovers scientific explanations behind all sorts of questions: Can an egg bounce? How much does the Internet weigh? Why is your elbow called your funny bone? Which animal can breathe through its bottom? And Tom Whipple introduces the essentials for GCSE Physics: magnetism via floating frogs, the particle model of matter via farting cows, energy via a hapless dinosaur, and radiation through the example of a 20’s speak-easy where people drank glow-in-the-dark cocktails. Plus Chemistry in a witty accessible narrative: from atomic structure to the periodic table and the properties of matter.

Emily Grossman, Honorary STEM Ambassador, for her pioneering work in STEM education, and as a role model to young girls (her TEDx talk at UCL on ‘Why Science Needs People Who Cry’), is an expert in molecular biology and genetics; and has worked as an actor and singer, maths and science teacher. She is best known as a Resident Science Expert on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Sky1’s Duck Quacks Don’t Echo; for her fun YouTube videos for BBC Britlab and The Royal Institution; and for her inspirational talks in schools, universities and at The Hay Festival, The Science Museum and Cheltenham Science Festival. She has been interviewed in many newspapers including the Guardian, Times, Mirror, Sun and Daily Mail and on radio programmes about the value of emotion in science. She was on the Bank of England’s Advisory Committee that chose Alan Turing to be the face of the new £50 note and author of DKFindout! Science


Tom Whipple is the science editor at The Times and has also been a feature writer for Times2 and writes freelance features for The Economist’s Intelligent Life among other magazines. His books include How to Win Games and Beat People.




This morning’s events are sponsored by
Richard  Hayhurst  Associates  Ltd  Communicating  science  and  sustainability  worldwide

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