2020 Ticket Refunds

Due to Covid-19 the 2020 Literature Festival is cancelled. 


All ticket payments will be refunded unless you email vicky@campdenlitfest.co.uk to say that you want to leave all or some of your ticket money in the Festival account as a donation towards expenses already incurred. There is absolutely no obligation to do this or an expectation on the part of the Festival that you will.

NB: The money paid for tickets this year cannot go towards future festival events except for:

Tuesday 4 May 2021 LUNCH WITH THE MOUNTBATTENS 12 noon Montrose Suite Cotswold House Hotel £29
Andrew Lownie has agreed to commit to this event in 2021.
People who have booked and paid for this event have a guaranteed place. It has proven to be a popular event, and sold-out quickly with a waiting list.
Alternatively, you can transfer your credit as a monetary voucher to which Cotswold House Hotel will add 30% extra. This voucher is to be used in the hotel within the next 12 months. 
To receive this voucher please contact reservations@cotswoldhouse.com or phone: 01386 840330
Given the way the Covid-19 crisis is unfolding and dramatically affecting  travel and hospitality the Cotswold House Hotel respectfully asks that refunds are only requested in cases of necessity. The hotel is being hit in the pocket on every front. Week beginning 16 March they donated thousands of pounds of perishable stock to local charities, and hundreds of pints of lager and beer went down the drain. Staffing costs have remained the same to manage the administration of changing bookings including weddings and events. No new revenue has yet come in to support this wage cost. They also have to pay for securing and staffing an empty property for up to 3 months with no incoming revenue. The Festival hopes that the Hotel stays in business so that it will be possible to use it as our weekday daytime venue in 2021.


Refund procedure

Cheque payments: These can only be refunded using a Festival cheque. For this you must email your account name. Unless you receive a cheque from the Festival with the exact name as it appears on your account your bank may refuse it. Please email to vicky@campdenlitfest.co.uk. Please also make sure that your full postal address is included in the email because not all booking forms received have had all sections completed. These cheque payments can be made as soon as your email arrives.

Card payments: These will be refunded to your account. This is a lengthy procedure and refunds will be made in date order – the earliest payments first. Card payments necessitate being in the Festival Office and due to covid-19 access may be restricted or prohibited. 

Online booking payments: These will be refunded to your account. This is also a lengthy procedure but can be done from home. Refunds will also be made in date order.